Since we are not able to meet in person for our monthly training, this page has been set up so that we can keep our training fresh in our minds.  We will be adding to this site regularly so check back often.  Contact Bob or Mike with any issues, concerns, recommendations etc.  Thanks to Eric Peck for providing this information.

Rapid Intervention for Engine Companies

RIC PowerPoint-1

Firefighter Mayday? Reality vs. Myth

Rapid Intervention Teams: What Firefighters Should Know

Equipment Used By Rapid Intervention Teams Can Be Decisive

Rapid Intervention Team Helped Save Firefighters After Roof Collapse

San Francisco FF LODD Audio 6/2/2011

RIT Assignment & Tools

WSF w/Mayday R.I.T. Deployed Shrewsbury Township, Pa – 10/13/2014

MayDay Mondays: Tips & Techniques for Firefighter Survival

Firefighter Basics / Firefighter Survival

Firefighter Survival – How to Use Couplings as Directional Indicators

SCBA Breathing Techniques

Firefighter Close Call Situations


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