NJ Dogs of Honor

NJ Dogs of Honor Program

Dogs Rescuing Veterans; Veterans Rescuing Dogs


A Brief Description

The NJ Dogs of Honor program is a pilot program established in 2018.  Our mission is to provide service dogs to Military Veterans who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, better known as PTSD.  Whenever possible, we use rescue dogs for service who would otherwise be facing euthanasia.

*All donations are 100% deductible

*All donations go directly to the program; there are no administration fees.

*Any and all information is private & confidential via Cumberland County Veterans Affairs

*Veterans are required to participate in the training process to better serve their needs.
*DD214 is required


How You Can Help

*Refer Veterans who can benefit from the opportunity to have a Service Dog free of charge.

*Help us to create awareness of the program by inviting us to speak at your public meetings or gatherings.

*Consider donating

*Provide coin collection locations

*Host a fund raising event or volunteer to help with ours

*Link to us from your website

*Thank supporting businesses who are participating in the program

*Spread the word; raise awareness



*Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, better known as PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that can occur after military veterans experience traumatic events.

*In the U.S., about 3.5% of adults have PTSD in a given year and 9% of people develop it at some point in their life.

*It is estimated that there are 22 SUICIDES DAILY by veterans who suffer from PTSD.

*PTSD not only affects veterans, but their family, friends and caregivers as well.

*Military veterans who have acquired a Service Dog, say their dogs have helped them cope with their daily life.


Application Process

Click the link below to download the application.  Simply fill it out and return it to us.

Dogs of Honor Application


Contact Info

Make checks payable to:
MRT Firefighters Association
164 Main St
Heislerville, NJ 08314

Admin Contact
Patti Gross
Phone (856) 462-7510, (856) 785-1384



Maurice River Twp Firefighters Association
Ted’s Pet Country Club
MVP Battle Buddies



Wilwynn Animal Hospital
Cumberland County SPCA
Cumberland County Veterans Affairs
Cumberland County Fairgrounds Association
Quinn Broadcasting
Cumberland County Freeholders

Contact us for more info or to become a supporter.


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