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Please Note:  The Fit Test Machine does NOT come with a Laptop or a Printer.  Each borrower must provide their own laptop and printer.
Software and configuration instructions can be download from our website here.

Terms & Conditions:

1.)  The Fit Test Machine can only be signed Out/In by persons listed below.  This system cannot be released to anyone else not on this list under any circumstances.  Photo ID may be required.

Authorized Borrowers:

Bill Bitting                     Rich Franchetta              Don Hundt Sr              Joe Sterling

Lou Brandriff               Frank Green                    Matt Jones                    Bill Taylor

Donovan Broughton   Carl Green                       Kenny Mayhew           Sisco Torres

Steve Burt                     Scott Haley                      John McVey                  Scott Uhland

Wayne Carter               Alex Hess                         Nick Moore                  Travis Uhland

Mark Cifaloglio            Cliff Higbee                     Robert Welch               Nick Conti

Brent Hitchner             Diego Orejuela               Tommy Williams Jr    Hank Ehrlich

Bud Hughes                   Ashley Padgett                Dan Wolf                     Larry Fawcett

Craig Hughes                 Jason Ripper                    Jim Wolf                      Terry Fawcett

Jen Hundt                      Kevin Sheppard              Rodney Yamasaki      Ryan Feaster

Don Hundt Jr                Raphael Sofkos

2.)  The system will be inspected at Check-Out and again at Check-In to insure the system comes back in the same condition as it went out.

3.)  Signatures from both the Borrower and the Lender (Chief Whildin, John Campbell or Mike Ardrey) are required at Check Out and Check In as the system is inspected by both parties and any discrepancies noted.

4.)Upon return of this machine, it will be inspected and tested again to insure the system comes back in the same condition as it went out.  If anything is missing or not functioning, it will be noted and the proper channels will be notified.  Also, at this time, we must be notified of any issues you encountered during the use of this machine so that it can be corrected before the machine goes out again.

The calendar below shows our system’s current reservsations.  Please present your request around existing reservations as we will not be able to accept your request if the dates are not availiable by this calendar.  This calendar is automatically updates with every new reservation/cancellation.  For everyone’s privacy, the station borrowing the system will not be shown here.

Please fill out the form below to submit your request.  You will be contacted via phone, text or email (depending on your preference selected below) within 24 hours confirming your requested dates and times.  We require a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to your requested pick up date time.

If you have any questions, concerns or need to cancel your existing reservation, please email us at  We apologize, but do to the amount of reservations expected, we can not take reservations by phone.  Thank you for your understanding.

Terms & Conditions Acceptance (Req’d)

Preferred Method of Contact (Req’d)

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