Conference Call Meeting Information

Due to government mandates surrounding COVID-19, we have to move our monthly meetings to standard (non-video) conference calls.

A few days before each meeting, an Active911 message (non-emergent) will be sent out which will include the call in phone number and the meeting identification number.  Specific instructions to connecting to the call will be shown below.

The meetings will still take place on the normal date and time.  Just over the phone – not in person.  The President, Secretary and Treasurer will meet at the fire house for notes/paperwork purposes.  All other members are encouraged to utilize the conference call system in order to participate in the meeting.  At some point during the meeting, we will have to do a manual roll call to insure all attendees get credit for the meeting.  Contact Bob or Mike with any issues or concerns.

The meeting/cpnference call will open at 7:15pm and the meeting itself will start at approximately at 7:30pm barring any complications or technical issues.

The phone number to dial in to the call, along with the meeting identification number, will be provided in the Active911 message.  That information will not be listed here.  Simply call the phone number anytime after 7:15pm.  You will then be prompted to enter the meting number (9-digit) followed by the # sign.  You will then be prompted to enter another ID number.  Just press # again to bypass this prompt.  You will then be connected to the call.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, make motions etc as normal.

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